Interesting, intelligent, sweet, and sexy (56). Southern California girl with East Coast energy and values, who now lives in Manhattan. I’m a former competitive bodybuilder and athletic-wear model. I am still in great shape (but ask only that a man have a healthy lifestyle) but am as soft as I am strong. I make my living as a writer and an academic editor. I’m quirky and fun and have a warm sense of humor. I’m passionate about art, from Medieval to the sometimes incomprehensible modern. I love to travel, whether it’s weekend getaways or simply exploring New York neighborhoods, and enjoy the outdoors (I own a pair of hiking boots). I’m also happy just sharing a cup of coffee in a cozy café. Continue reading

Berkshire Babe: Tall (5’8″ & 59), slender, athletic artist/writer who attempts to understand dreams for a living, lives in the Berkshires and visits NYC fairly often to look at art & have fun, seeks needle in haystack: a literate and passionate man who has a life of the mind as well as the body & is curious and kind, for one last, long hurrah. Left-leaning and irreverent definitely preferable to clean-cut and conservative. I have a certain long-legged, lithe elegance, am happiest in lakes and museums —am an excellent cook & a generous friend. So, “come to me now/ you know we’re so alone/ and life is brief” [Dylan, of course]. Woman seeking man. Email your reply to with username cerulean as subject.

If Mies Van der Rohe is right and “God is in the details,” here are a few: I make an excellent bouillabaisse with garlic aioli; I am a feminist who likes men to hold the door for me and walk on the street side; I’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga for sixteen years, and I’m fortunate to have a career as a filmmaker that is a passionate calling and not simply a job. I view life as an unfolding adventure and seek a partner on the journey. I’ve lived in London, Martha’s Vineyard, Paris, and currently divide my time between New York and Los Angeles. If you’d like to see Shakespeare at The Globe, eat at a local bistro after a day at the Musee d’Orsay, body surf at Lucy Vincent Beach, hear Dudamel conduct at Disney Hall followed by Chinese dinner at an obscure restaurant in Monterey Park, or just read Nabokov, Woolf, or the New Yorker in bed, I’m your girl. Continue reading

New York native now living in the SF bay area. Warmhearted, Jewish, fit, down to earth, curious, introspective. 53 but look 52. Still a leftist after all these years. Serious but playful, practical but passionate, intellectual but not stuffy. I have an urban mind but a rural heart. Seeking to share a quiet life rich in nature, culture, friends, relatives, ideas and ideals, home. I enjoy hiking, the farmer’s market, yoga, reading, public radio, films (leaning toward independent and foreign.), music (jazz, classical, folk, some rock). I have a master’s degree in public policy and spent 10 years as a journalist, then shifted to consulting as a writer/editor for nonprofit groups and scholars. I’m happy to exchange photos with you directly. Woman seeking man, San Francisco area. Email your reply to with username Oakland as subject.

I’m a smart, funny, pretty woman, 59, psychotherapist, poet, fair blues/jazz guitar player. Currently in Brooklyn, N.Y.C. Love mountains, art, books (poetry and poetic fiction). Looking for best friend/lover to exchange books, camp, hike, ride bikes, peruse museums, walk strange and familiar streets, stroll parks, see world, be best audience at readings. Have one small dog who has three cats. If there were more rooms, there’d be more pets. You can’t have too many animals or two many trees. I watch TV sometimes: Dexter, Monk, Louie C.K., independent films, mostly, never developed a taste for reality TV but still watch news, usually Link/TV (Democracy Now, Al Jazeera). Or Jon Stewart. So far left you need binoculars to see me from the middle; no anarchist but I get the energy. Want a man, single, kind, who laughs, sticks around and says some smart, surprising things, likes my dog. And cats. Continue reading

My special lover and friend has these characteristics: smart and literate, playful, generally content, emotionally and logistically available, excellent communications skills, empathic, caring, good self care habits of food, exercise and moderation, sensual and sexually alive, socially aware and engaged, financially secure. I offer these attributes too. I am 54, but very youthful, active in the property I own and rent, split time between Central Florida (winter and spring) and NorEast and Northern CA for summer and fall. I have been married twice ( 7 years and 12 years) and learned plenty about myself…and importance in choosing a partner…with time and patience. Except I am not too patient. I am physically fit — not thin tho’, I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. But have done all of that and am ok if my friends are moderate…. Continue reading

59 y.o. Berkshires woman (Great Barrington) seeks a regular guy. I write on a somber spring evening. The buzz of spring is put to bed; the lights are low, my guests gone home (the dishes done). I lie down on the floor, surrounded by the jazz music I adore (and the doleful gaze of my 20 lb pooch). The floor feels good at the end of a day like this, a beautiful carpet cushions me as I do a few stretches and check in with my fatigue. The thought tonight is, “It’s going to take a miracle.” Here’s the scoop: I’m a Vassar grad, have a good sense of who I am, darn used to my way of doing things, but yet more interested in opening up the next chapter. It’s transition time, one hallmark of which is the good state of my biz and my affairs. I’m now ready to devote time to both me and you. Living in a fabulous town, and would love to lure you here, but I’m open to change. Continue reading

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days — three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.” ~John Keats

I’m spontaneous, intelligent, kind, witty interesting and interested, affectionate and nice (can be naughty, with encouragement from the right man.) Cultured, with a love of reading, theater, old and new movies, ballroom dancing, art and most music — lovers of the bagpipes and rap, please take note, this is not music, really. I enjoy intimacy, have a vivid imagination and an adventurous spirit. I lean leftward, politically but am willing to engage in reasonable discussion with those who disagree — for a while, anyway. I’m a happy woman: friends tell me that unless I’ve missed a meal, you should find me quite pleasant and thanks to the luck of good genes and valiant efforts to exercise, I’m fit and have a good, slender figure. A young 64. Continue reading

Woman, 59, with a great mind in a near-perfect body seeks tall, handsome man, 55-65, possibly for a long-term relationship. I am searching for a normal (or next to normal), athletic, really intelligent guy who loves literature and the arts. You should be unattached, enjoy fiction, travel and classical music. A strong critical intelligence is required. Please write to me and attach a recent photo. Woman seeking man, Toronto area and NYC. Email your reply to with username Clarissa Dalloway as subject.

Seeking mature magic… Been in love three times, married one of them. But sometimes love has an expiration date and now as “happy trails” days approach, I would like to experience “it” again. Stolen glances, unspoken messages, secret smiles, unbridled anticipation, heart palpitations (the good kind) and gentle caresses. Former expatriate entrepreneur, I have spent more than half my life outside the US. Irreverent, wicked sense of humor, relentlessly anti-political correctness, sassy, spunky, and still possess a child-like curiosity about life. Passions include my exhausted Kindle, Italian Renaissance artists, classical French technique (the cooking kind) and bold, muscular red wines (men too). Still thrilled with full-time work and endure a daily trek to a purgatory called the gym to remain athletic and physically flexible. Continue reading

Grew up in New England but wound up in West Philly. I’ve been here for what seems like a lifetime but I just discovered when I checked my calculator that it’s only been 26 years. Yes, I’m bad at arithmetic but I’m pretty good at some other stuff. Currently a writer, editor and painter. An excellent listener and I’m looking for the same. Other than that and the ability to talk and laugh freely I don’t have many requests. Except that you be honest, drug-free and politically liberal (I know it’s wrong to discriminate but we’d both be sorry after the get-to-know-you stage). It would be fun to find somebody to hike and kayak and go to museums with while we converse deeply and thrillingly and provide each other with all kinds of yuks. I’m 59 and 5’ 9-3/4” but I’m not a height-ist; I’ve dated men both with and without stature. My photo is attached because I heard that guys like pictures and won’t answer an ad without one. Woman seeking man. Email your reply to with username LuckyEva as subject.

France-based woman, 48, interests: art, books, history, museums, exhibitions, classical music, social exchange. Loves serenity, patience, calm, simplicity, peaceful, sense of humor, critical mind. Seeks first a democrate atypical correspondent well-educated gentleman profile cerebral New-Yorker rather than sportsman 52/57, or around, and hopes to live together in the future. I would consider moving. Woman seeking man. Email your reply to

SWF, 24, classic, elegant, seeks her gentlemanly gentleman. (Though I have to admit, I do look more like the lovely Doris Day, with blue eyes, long golden-blonde mane, radiant mega-watt smile, rosy cheeks, eternally cheerful attitude and all.) I’m young, internationally cosmopolitan, multilingual. Quite the wizard around the house and a celebrated cook. Probably better educated than you. My rich, velvety voice with an indelible hint of an accent will endlessly tantalize you. I enjoy summers in Maine, lazy Sundays brunch and jazz standards, going for a walk in Central Park on your arm! You’ll have to be a manly man of grace and style. Someone who enjoys his aged scotch and rare steak. No neurotic granola hipster-boys need apply. Woman seeking man. Email your reply to with username aveline as subject.

I am 66 years old but sometimes I feel like I’m 17 and sometimes I feel like I’m 90. My typical day consists of trying to unbend the tight places (literally in my mind and body), writing down my dreams from the previous night, writing thoughts, events and feelings in a journal. I spend time in meditation, prayer, walking and playing with my fabulous dog, getting the house ready for patients to arrive. I try to help a few people, eat food that is good for me, listen to Buddhist lectures, do some errands, call my daughter and chat about our family, read a little of this and that, watch TV (not much unless it’s a good movie or TV special…), feel grateful for the day and hope I get another one as good, tomorrow. I am a psychotherapist and recently realized that I probably should have married someone in this field, preferably an analyst, but I didn’t and I have three marriages and three divorces to look back on and consider. Continue reading

Here goes nothing, again: Wry, dry-witted, slim female PhD, 51, Manhattan denizen, one child, avid reader, wise-ass (though soft-hearted) wordsmith, impervious to any kind of peer pressure, (are you still with me?), seeks man, fit, not fat, 48-56 or so (preferably local to NYC or environs), humorous, intelligent, masculine, compassionate, kindly disposed toward children, fervid, focused, a decent listener, financially solvent, for the usual hope of perpetual bliss. No married men, depressives, or religious types, please. No baseball caps or gum. Since I am quite intense and energetic I usually do not go for those who aim for “balance” or serenity in life; I think that agitation and frisson make for intelligence and gumption. Continue reading

Woman, 57, seeks man in greater Boston area. I’m neither beautiful nor brilliant. I am warm, gentle, loyal, caring. Interests include languages (excellent French and Spanish), literature, biking (not the motorized kind), travel, parrots, more. I’m a size 20, which you are welcome to label as you will — voluptuous, Rubenesque, stout, … but that is simply one part of me. I’m also blond, blue-eyed, and 5’5″. You are a non-smoker, available for friendship and more, and, if more, would want to know and understand me and be known and understood. I desire companionship, friendship, and love. Please write me if you’d like to start a conversation and maybe meet. Woman seeking man, Boston/Cambridge area. Email your reply to with username jevis as subject.

I’m a sassy, multilingual, traditional, yet smoking hot, worldly and cultured finance officer serving at the largest public international organization. While there are plenty of single men in Manhattan (at least in my limited yet varied experience!), I’ve yet to encounter the potentially right match. Perhaps you’ve read HBR’s ‘Helping the Poor Profitably’… which is a well-composed piece as to why I chose my profession for I wholeheartedly believe that it is a truly noble calling to serve in contributing to global peace and prosperity. While modern/cultured and fluent in (at present) three languages I enjoy traveling and am unabashedly confident in my traditional values. I’m 5 ft 6 inches (without any heels, of course), slender yet curvy and very toned, which comes in very handy in the enjoyment of playing my favorite sports as well as cooking and savoring the cuisines of most cultures. Being comfortable in virtually any setting I enjoy the ballet, symphony, dancing, to even simple walks in a pretty park. Continue reading

Sexy sixtyish attorney (62, to be exact). Waiting for the elusive Mr. Right. How will I know when he turns up? If we can talk and never run out of things to say; if we can sit comfortably together and never say a word; if we can make each other laugh; if we can share each other’s friends and families. And, if it turns out he likes to hike or cook or read or work or garden or volunteer, so much the better. I like everything when I’m with the right person. I live in coastal California between LA and Santa Barbara. Widowed, three sons, two granddaughters, lots of enthusiasm. Woman seeking man, Los Angeles area. Email your reply to with username W58648 as subject.

SBF seeks SBM. Striking 5′ 6″, 134 lbs, well educated (Ph.D.) Caribbean Black Beauty in early 50s seeks a nonsmoking educated Single Black Male at least 5′ 10″ in height and between ages 54 and 60 for a serious relationship. Has dedicated the better part of my life to my career and am now seeking balance and the desire to share my life with that special someone. Currently reside in the Northwest but with roots and a home in the Northeast. Am therefore open to someone on either coast. Woman seeking man. Email your reply to with username Peanuts as subject.

Adventurous traveler, committed Democrat, passionate dog person seeks companion for the rest of the journey. I’m fortunate to have traveled to all seven continents but there are still a lot of places calling to me. Plus, one never tires of Paris. I’m in my 60s but feel like a 30-something. Pleasures in life include opera, classical and folk music, singing, theatre, ballroom dancing, modern art, natural history. Seeking gentleman my age or younger whose energy and enthusiasm match mine and who will sleep with dogs — and I don’t mean me. Woman seeking man, Washington, DC area. Email your reply to with username LovesDogs as subject.