Living in the south implies having to negotiate rather obvious obstacles to meeting a like-minded guy. The buckle of the Bible-belt is not without its detractors, however, as a Unitarian-Universalist I’ve managed to solidify a support-system that sustains me. My primary residence is Nashville & I maintain a retreat in Highlands, a vibrant arts community nestled atop the mountainous Nantahala National Forest in southwestern North Carolina (near Asheville). Being self-employed allows loads of freedom, so I’m prone to sudden bursts of wanderlust. I tend to shun typical tourist haunts, opting instead for the less urban in oft-overlooked areas. I seek the unknown, although the unknown is increasingly rare. As a serious triathlete I spend a lot of time alone, yet, am eager to devote energy towards cultivating a lasting friendship with one who shares similar values. Continue reading

I was fascinated to see the offer of free ads for thoughtful people in The New Yorker! How wonderfully eccentric. Far removed from the crassness of Craigslist, hopefully.. I live in Miami Beach between November and May – the rest of the year I spend in a capital in Europe where I’m from. The weather here is marvelous. But it is not easy to find compatible people with more than a two second attention span here. I’m not (I believe) looking for a life partner or even a carnal relationship – just somebody intelligent and gentle to spend time with. I’m a well traveled male with a successful career as an artist behind me. I’m incurably curious and passionate about exploring the world and every place I visit. I am in awe of the phenomenal beauty of this planet. An avid reader, lover of jazz and classical music and an outdoor person, these days I am content lazing by my pool in the blessed sunshine. Continue reading

Typical Cancerian, creative, sensitive, romantic. Home is a fortress of warmth, love, tenderness and laughter to protect and cure me and my beloved from the cold cruel world. I do love to travel and experience new vistas. One of my encounters eventually led me to a marvelous land possessing such wealth of natural and spiritual beauty, where my soul still resides. INDIA! The place that bore my future partner in life. I have met you many times since, but you found me too late and your honor remains in tact. You are a conservative, mature, fun loving, tender, loving, passionate South Asian man who desires to be adored and loved by one brown eyed, Southern gentleman. Oh, if you are out there, please share some of your time with me. Man seeking man. Email your reply to with username SeekMatureIndianMan as subject.

I am a suffolk county long island man looking for another long island man for casual get togethers. I am 65 yrs old, you can be any age between 55 & 65 yrs old. Man seeking man, New York area. Email your reply to with username grandpafly as subject.