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Me: tall, blonde, a chub, joyful. I am a creator, and this thing I did is having rolling premieres in the east. I’m a three hour hop, skip, jump from NYC and spend part of my time there. For the right reasons, I’d make more time for it. Fortunately, I’m not famous, and free to relish the adventure I’m unfolding. Bright, lively, self-sufficient, but there’s an empty space next to me on this journey. I have two college-aged children (one with mild special needs) and a tween, all of whom share time between me and their father. I read voraciously, I love music, I love experiencing food and art and the ocean and the soul. I’ll be back in NYC in May. Can we meet?

Woman seeking man. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username creator as subject.

Striking, sophisticated, successful freelance journalist/travel writer, currently living in Baltimore (when not in an airport!) looking for age-appropriate man who has the brains, wit, charm, passion, time, and energy to be a truly equal partner in a committed relationship. A valid passport wouldn’t hurt either! In return, you get a woman who has been known to turn more than a few heads, and is also smart, well-read, funny, magnetic (and obviously good with an adjective!)…who enjoys a night watching “March Madness” as much as “Giselle,” would love to root RF in person at Wimbledon, who loves books and bookstores (the few that are left), all things French, architecture/design, animals, my 19-year-old niece…and more…and who has navigated the ups and downs of 66 years with — I hope — grace, humor, and optimism.

Woman seeking man, Baltimore/Washington, DC area. Photos and letters to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username BaltimoreWriter as subject.

Interested man –on west coast!–71, still on his feet and not pear-shaped yet, planning a trip to La Paz, Bolivia and maybe Peru, not his first, in September 2015, seeks compañera, not nurse. More into people, fiestas, textiles, coffee and books than ruins–but Cusco and Macchu Picchu are close by. Details: Man seeking woman. Steve, spiffyandtheverryharrycat@gmail.com

You me we us. Guess I am just looking for that girl on her tippy toes. “What does that mean?” she said. Read on. It will become crystal clear. It was a rather uneventful 2014 and so far into 2015 as well. And as such, I am turning to the land of ThoughtfulPersonals (TP) to change things up. Here I am, shaking the TP tree. Perhaps you feel the same way and are also giving the TP tree a shake to see if anything good drops. So let’s say hello to one another with a bit of help from those tiny tech gremlins in the land of TP! Random? You tell me… Continue reading

Sensitive male model with trust fund, 66, seeks Victoria’s Secret model adept at artisanal pizza. Funny, limited response. They must be shyer than they look. OK, history suggests a dead-white-guy academic, with a feminist overlay, that I can amuse and only occasionally offend. I know you’re out there. Oh, about me. I remain an unrepentant and active advertising copywriter. I’m part aging hipster, part bookish INTJ and part rimshot comic. Predictably, I like arty film (think the Janus Films logo), serious fiction (M. Amis, Oates, Mann, Kafka), the blues and jazz (the Kings, Coltrane, et al) and prefer a big city at high noon or midnight to the most serene of pastoral settings.

Finally, truth in advertising:
I’m 5′ 3″, so we probably won’t shoot baskets much. I’m also stuck in a small southern town until my house sells.

Enchanted? Outraged? Anything but indifferent works for me.

Man seeking woman. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username hn235 as subject.

Hello. I’m 41, smart, funny, creative, intellectually curious, considerate and too humble to admit to being any of those except the first. My main interests are history, literature, art and movies old and new, and I’d like to meet a woman, late 30s to early 40s and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, who shares those interests and who has a sense of humor and is kind. Let’s get to know each other and see where it goes from there. Man seeking woman. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username jayg68 as subject.

Looking for a man, 45-60, who wants to say yes to life and share the best of it. I’m a successful writer and very un-pedantic professor. It would be nice if you’re successful at something you care about, are open, are kind and intelligent. I enjoy the usual activities: literary events, walks, museums, theater, movies, the occasional wtf out of left field to mix it up. Also: smiling, chatting, getting to know someone, having my hand kissed. I wouldn’t be averse to taking swing dance lessons with someone who’d find that fun. I could add to the list but the truth is, if you get me and make me laugh (and vice versa) we can work out the details. I’m slender and attractive. Write me a note and maybe we’ll exchange words and photos. Woman seeking man, New York area. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with nevertheless as subject.

Slim, blond Chicago editor with style and substance, addicted to badinage and politics as a spectator sport, seeks a fine wreck of a man 73+ who has both oars in the water. Moxie a must, panache a plus. Woman seeking man, Chicago area. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username Natalie Attired as subject.

Wanted: an adventuress. You are a striking, unusual woman in your forties or early fifties. You are extraordinarily quick and well-educated — so much so you have generally intimidated men, or else they’ve failed to appreciate your qualities, your humor. You’ve seen much of the world, most of it off the tourist routes. You are energetic, imaginative, sexually creative. I am the man who appreciates your qualities, and wants them to blossom and glow. I will make you laugh; I’ll also take you into conversations full of great stories, unexpected insights, things you didn’t know. I’m one of the most creative men you’ll ever meet. At the same time, though, I’m a great listener, and I want to be with someone who can talk about anything. There’s nothing I like more than giving an interesting, attractive woman the very best of my attention. Continue reading

What’s in your front hallway? Hiking boots? Baseball cleats? Dance shoes? I’m looking for a man in his 40s who lives in his body as well as his head. We don’t have to love the same things. The important part is that you are as passionate about your physical pursuits as you are about your intellectual ones. I am a slim, petite woman. A good day for me is one spent outdoors or on the dance floor. A small-business owner fortunate to have creativity and learning at the center of my work, I truly love my job. I pay attention to my spiritual life and hope you do, too, though I am open about the form that it might take. I am more comfortable in small groups than large ones, unless the large group is there to dance! Continue reading

New York Area woman, late 60s. Attractive, fit, down-to-earth woman who loves walking, reading, nature, and the arts, seeks man with similar interests. I’m a published non-fiction writer now trying out drawing. Value staying intellectually alive and learning new things and hope you do, too. Find myself moved by the simple beauty of nature, a well-done painting, poem, novel or essay, human kindness, true friendship, a tender touch. Woman seeking man, New York area. Email your reply to replies@thouhtfulPersonals.com with username artsandculture as subject.

A young African American female looks for a long lasting love and companionship. I am petite and stand five feet tall; you must be a few inches taller than me☺! I grew up in West Africa; but have been a New Yorker over two decades. I am a professional working on mission-driven projects to better urban communities and lives. I am a bit of the intellectual type, into meaningful conversations (philosophy, science, politics, economics and spiritualism), with an artistic/creative side. I like off-off Broadway shows, live jazz venues and museums. I enjoy hiking, downhill skiing, meditation, yoga and any outdoors activities. I am into healthy eating and like staying in shape but not a gym rat. You must like staying in shape and eating healthy. I am a vegetarian and prefer a vegetarian; meaning you do not eat meat/fish/poultry or any animal with beating heart, brain or blood. Continue reading

MWM, mid-50s, successful professional, NYC area, seeks MF for long-term e-mail penpal…and the possibility of meeting. I’ve been married a long time — and, unfortunately, there’s not much fun and excitement left in it. I’d love to compare notes with a woman in a similar situation…and, in particular, with an intelligent and sensitive woman who loves to craft thoughtful e-mails on a regular basis. Just to be clear: I am interested in exchanging “thoughtful” e-mails, not salacious ones. Learning about someone initially through text alone can be a wonderful experience. If everything were to click and we were both ready…then we might decide to meet. But first…let’s just write. About me: I’m a lawyer, Ivy educated, reasonable looks. I’m not pompous nor arrogant — and consider myself a good listener. I enjoy long conversations about anything and everything…the political, the personal and everything in between. Continue reading

Political junkie seeks same. 55 y.o. SWM seeks SF who is well read, enjoys talking politics and books esp over a nice bottle of red. Some fav authors include, Gore Vidal, Christoper Hitchens, Joseph Epstein and Dwight McDonald. Also reg Rachel Maddow watcher. I am very social and outgoing love being out meeting people. 6ft tall 185 lbs in excellent condition. Love to walk / hike. Have traveled to 25 plus countries. Currently living in Scottsdale, AZ. Seeking SF who is slender / fit. Man seeking woman. Responses to jsirull3000@yahoo.com.

Sophisticated opera, theatre and museum buff. Lucky enough to live in a city with an amazingly wide variety of cultural delights, the District of Columbia. I dance Argentine tango and am an occasional opera supernumerary. A few key facts: majored in Classical Civilization, did some modeling in my youth (and occasionally in the present) and have written for alternative weeklies. I seem like a tough girl, but if you have the right touch, you’ll see the absolute marshmallow underneath. I vote in every election (very much a progressive). Currently on heavy rotation on my iPod: Hello It’s Me (Todd Rundgren, false start album version), Madness (Muse), Feed the Animals (Girl Talk – my workout music), Poema (Francisco Canaro). Early 50s, 5’3, 107 lbs. You?? Surprise me… Woman seeking man. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username Brenda as subject.

Although my life is rich, interesting and varied, I miss that special glow one experiences when there’s a like-minded guy around to share the fire, the music, the wine, the travels and all the other good stuff. And what better way than to reach out to other readers of my favorite magazine! If you’re a 70ish man who is, like me, upbeat eclectic, ageless, energetic and in shape — and you live in New Jersey, Bucks County or Manhattan, you might want to meet this petite, slim, pretty woman with blue blue (sic) eyes and blondish hair. I live near Princeton where I enjoy the rich environment of music, art, film, theater, lectures and like-minded friends. My addictions include the New Yorker — thank you for leading me to thoughtfulPersonals — and the New York Times. Passions are huge lobsters, reading — many genres — theater, music, long walks, the ocean, the Rockies, film (this was my 16th Labor Day weekend at the Telluride Film Festival), and life itself. Continue reading

Attorney, 67, 5’8”, fit, and healthy, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, interested in an exclusive, committed liaison with a self-confident, thoughtful, athletic lady who has an appreciation for good music, literature, wine, conversation, art, and the outdoors. Further details and photos on request. Man seeking woman, San Francisco area. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username traddles as subject.

I characterize myself as more becoming than being. 60, 6’2″, good health (bit of a gym rat, swim every other day, bike), live near Princeton, right on NE Corridor (Amtrak, NJ Transit) rail line. Looking for a lasting love — one who’ll have my back as much as I have hers. One who recognizes that any relationship has conflict -– how a couple manage it defines a vibrant, growing relationship. Would like to hold her hand, walking elegantly, now as well in our dotage. Would like to prepare her tea as a nightcap as we read then hold each other all night. Would like us to share life’s ups and downs. Interests and pastimes? Besides reading what everyone else reads on this site, histories, biographies, literature (80% non-fiction, 20% fiction). Music: Ravel, Debussy, Britten, Rimsky-Korsakov, Coltrane, Steely Dan, Pearl Jam, operas, BBC3 radio. Prefer movies to shows. Met Museum member, you’ll also find me at MOMA, Morgan Library, the Frick, and the Whitney. Slavophile, Francophile, Anglophile. Continue reading

Daring and chivalrous // 32 years young // Seeking a stunning and passionate female for sincere companionship. Blessed with handsomeness, this charming soul radiates positivity and wit to brighten your days to come. Professionally minded and accomplished is the tune and expecting to hear the same. May this catch your eye and spark your interest. Man seeking woman, New York area. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username CarpeDiemNYC as subject.

Whereas not a full fledged member of the erudite set, I balance it by being a slender good looking blonde, so how smart must one be! I am a witty wonderful bundle of energy, who easily transitions from being playfully entertaining to probingly curious. Others have tagged me as being unique, sensual and unforgettable. I derive infinite enjoyment delving into discussions on the ever fascinating nature of the human animal, to indulging my taste sensations with mouth watering delectables. Beyond the humor and vibrant personality, masks a tender soul. I am a 58 year old MWF in a relationship which ended its physical intimacies a decade past. I seek more than a lover, I seek an enlivened soulful connection which might add a bit of color to both our worlds. Make no mistake, I am a find. It is merely a matter if you’d care to go out treasure hunting. Woman seeking man, Los Angeles area. Email your reply to replies@thoughtfulPersonals.com with username Aprecipice as subject.